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Self HelpPosted by paul weber Mon, October 05, 2015 13:48:00
Hi, so yesterday I was challenged in a big way, admittedly it was my own doing, I entered a Bear Grylls 30 km survival race, and what a great experience, on arrival the weather was perfect, I had some great friends and family with me as support, the vibe was amazing and everyone was ready on the start line to go, before I knew it I was off, running in the first wave of about 2-300 people, the course was three loops of a 10km lap with 100 army assault course type obstacles and 6 unknown survival tests, the first lap was fun, working in a team helping people through some of the obstacles, the second lap involved me speeding up because I now knew the route and what it entailed, I eventually after 2 hours and 45 minutes of running/jumping/crawling/climbing came to the beginning of my third lap.
By now the group had spread out a lot and I found myself on my own for long periods of time, apart from a nice little guest that decided to join me for the next hour and fifteen minutes, which was a shooting pain in my foot, one I have never had before, anyway, I chose to not let this stop me, and after shooting a rifle/running through fire/carrying what felt like a 40 kilo burgeon on three 300 meter loops/carrying 2 x 20 kilo barrels 100m three times, I finally got to the finish with a massive smile on my face, my two amazing daughters greeted me and guided me across the line, what an experience.
A day later after some reflection I am so proud of myself, and you know why, because I made a decision, a decision 4 months ago to commit, to commit to a training plan that gradually got harder and harder, that toughened my body and my mind, and my spirit, one which in turn enabled me to choose to feel confident, to choose to believe that I would complete this race no matter what was put in front of me, I chose to feel relaxed and excited, instead of anxious and scared, I chose to feel up and never down and now I choose to feel proud, proud that I'm showing my children how put your mind to something and to succeed, and this attitude that I'm simply choosing and practicing transfers over to other areas of my life, it will be with me forever, until the day I die, its amazing, so my advice to you is, always push yourself to grow, it doesn't matter what your starting point is, just go for it, if its a bit scary at first, that means you're doing the right thing, you now have an opportunity to practice managing your feelings, and this is done through using your thoughts daily to create who you want to become, creating thoughts that make you feel invincible, its that easy, its about getting a grip of your mind, taking control and carving a belief system that gaurentees success.

Use your body language to feel great

Self HelpPosted by paul weber Thu, September 24, 2015 10:14:08
You can always tell how somebody is feeling by there body language, if there head is down and there shoulders are rounded the chances are there not felling amazing in that moment. If you stood a confident person next to a non-confident person you would not only see a difference but you would also hear a difference in there voice, a confident person looks you in the eye with there head up, without crossing there arms and legs and speaks smoothly with a volume that ensures that you can hear every word. The great thing is, if we want to feel happy, confident, brave or motivated, all we have to do is practice daily using the same body language, tone and volume of voice that's associated with that felling and we will instantly feel the same way, the more you practice the more you will stay in that state, adventually making it normal for you to feel that way on a regular basis...

How to think like the best

Self HelpPosted by paul weber Thu, September 10, 2015 17:08:47
Whether you a plumber of a lawyer, whether you live in Scotland or New York, your all capable of thinking like the best, the best thinkers see life as one big adventure, they see problems as just something that needs to be overcome, they replace fear with excitement, and control there emotions so well that they stay in one emotional state throughout the day, when most of us go through about eight, yes most of these people were born this way or were taught these traits by there parents, but you know what, it's never too late for us to have a mindset that allows us to feel motivated, happy, brave, healthy and relaxed all of the time, it just takes practice, so if you want to learn the techniques to speed this process up for yourself or your kids, then feel free to contact me to find the via my website


Self HelpPosted by paul weber Sun, September 06, 2015 15:51:12
Oh my god I'm buzzing today, and do you know why, because I've chosen too, all I took was a bit of practice while I was out on my bike this morning, I thought about how lucky I am as a person, I thought about how confident I am, how healthy I am, how motivated I am and more, I repeated this process over and again for 15-30 mins, I had nothing else to do, it is otherwise dead time, like driving or sitting on the toilet, I took advantage of that time like I always do and hey presto, BUZZING all after noon, I think I will practice tomorrow morning too instead of reading about death-war-murder and dept and general world wide problems in the paper, that's defiantly not the right stuff to put into your mind at the beginning of the day...

A great mind set

Self HelpPosted by paul weber Fri, August 28, 2015 10:10:07
When you combine a selection of techniques to improve the way you think, when you practice daily every day, in the morning, afternoon and evening, you will see improvements in the way you feel, improvements when interacting with others, you will see big changes in your life, if you want to feel happy, motivated, relaxed, brave, and driven, all of these feelings need cultivated, but there is a stumbling block preventing us from succeeding, unfortunatly for us we have a part of our brain that sabotages us, if you've read the chimp paradox, which is available through my website you will already know that it's your chimp that prevents you from succeeding most if the time, any thought or feeling you don't like comes from your chimp, the key is to learn how to manage your chimp, once you can do that you will make great changes, find out the techniques to manage your chimp in my next blog.


Self HelpPosted by paul weber Thu, August 20, 2015 19:29:52
Nobody has it easy in life, we all have easy moments, In my life I have learned that, to cope with the tougher times, its important to train yourself for them during the easy times, find things that challenge you physically and mentally, as often as possible, if you hate flying, fly more, if you have trouble with needles, get some tattoos, if you are always tired, stay up longer, of course these all have to be supported with the right mind set, a good life is all about the right mind set, its just that some of us have to work harder to get it.

“Beyond the very extreme of fatigue and distress, we may find amounts of ease and power we never dreamed ourselves to own; sources of strength never taxed at all because we never push through the obstruction


Self HelpPosted by paul weber Sat, August 08, 2015 22:01:36
What you are, is what you've been, what you will be, is what you do now! You change for two reasons, either you learn enough that you want to, or you've been hurt enough that you have to.

fighting back

Self HelpPosted by paul weber Thu, August 06, 2015 17:18:50
Hey, so a few years ago I had Pneumonia, it took me all the way back to zero with my fitness, I was bed ridden for a week, and it took nine months to get back to my normal level of fitness, It wasn't a pleasant experience I can assure you, especially being through I hadn't had a week off of some sort of training since I was fourteen years old, I knew it was going to be hard to get fit, but day after day I kept pushing, improving, bit by bit, even when there were setbacks I never gave up, it was harder mentally than it was physically, I now know what it must of felt like for all my clients in the gym that I used to train (I was a Personal Trainer for twenty years) that were trying to get fit from there zero, it's so hard, especially at the beginning. The key Is to focus on training your mind bit by bit, day by day, and if you keep going you will surpass your previous achievements, years on I'm now completing ironman events and I've recently signed up to the Bear Grylls survival race over a 30 km distance in october and I can't wait to take it on. So No matter what level your at now, you have to practice every day, pushing your boundaries, except nothing less than complete success, the feelings that come from this successes far out way the feelings of being down.

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